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other STUFF

What I like to do alone in my spare time is pretty much this. As in I like to spend my time on the computer making these pages. It's something to do. Before my family got this computer I use to sit and watch television. I don't watch t.v. as much as I used to, actually I hardly ever watch it, the only two shows I watch loyally is Ally McBeal,Dawson's Creek and sometimes Kids in the Hall.

I enjoy reading and of course, writing. These pages would not exist if I didn't like writing. Here are a few of my favorite books and writers:

world on fire

I have of course, read several other books. I just don't think, books like Aliens for Breakfast should count. Also many other books I read are of information/documentary material. I'll read any kind of biography, or anything about world history.

dancing penguin

I live for music! I mainly go for hard rock groups such as Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Beastie Boys and many others. I also enjoy some classic jazz/blues, mostly Nina Simone stuff. And I'm not afraid to admit to the fact that I listen to classical music frequently. Some of my favorite composers include: Debussy, Bach, Mozart, Beethovenand Bernard Herrmann (a film score composer). Here are some of my favorite bands, artists and albums:

10 best albums (according to me)

I have several CDs on tape (ones I have recorded from others) that I cherish tremendously. I also like a bit of TECHNO/AMBIANT kind of stuff. If you ever want to get into techno, look for the CD TECHNOHEDZ. It's Awesome. Also check out any Chris Sheppard or Daft Punk or Prodigy stuff. You see, a good album is an album you can have on a tape. You never have to fastforward any songs. The whole album is great!

Looking for a good movie to rent on Friday night? Well here are my top 20 favorite films (these are all aside from Hitchock films). In no particular order:


I love art. Although I'm not a Van Gogh or something, I tend to be very good at drawing, painting and such. I also love looking at art. Two of my favorite artists are Vincent Van Gogh, and Henri de Toulous Lautrec. I hope to study Art History sometime.